Q. Can I create my own AR experience?
A. Yes, but this is expensive.  For example, Blippar charge £3500 each to host and put live - ouch!  And that doesn't include the design work either!

Q. How long with it take to create my What's On 4 AR experience?
A. It will vary depending on the package you choose but we aim to get all AR experiences live within 5 working days.

Q. How will our customers know that there is an AR experience?
A. We recommend you add one of the Call To Action images to your materials

Q. What do I need to provide you with?
A. You need to send the leaflet/poster/advert/banner image to us - this is the 'mark' and will trigger the AR experience.  Plus any other images, video, audio and links you want used.

Q. Is there a limited on file sizes?
A. Ideally video should be less than 30 seconds long so we can use instant playback as we have done in the Ruggerbugs example.  Please load video and audio files to DropBox or similar and send us the link rather than the original file.  Other files must not exceed 1mb each.

Q.  How long will my What's On 4 AR experience be live for?
A.  For the duration of your campaign - typically 4- 8 weeks.