Our lovely people!

Hi, we're Sam Willoughby and Suzanne Borrell, founders of multi-award winning What's On 4 and this is our super team.

We're both Mums with young families that have built a business to give us and our whole team a better balance between work and family life.  Flexibility is important but we also want to make sure we love the time we spend working so having fun,  our sense of purpose and our achievements are a vital part of the mix.

Millions of parents have used our websites to help them with family life and over 20,000 have attended our live events too.  We work with 100s of parent-led businesses and we are proud that our vision is helping them and their customers too.

Just shows what is possible with a good idea, hard work and determination. And we have 12 shiny business awards so we are doing something right!

Making a big difference

Did you know that most organised children's activities have no specific regulations?

Most parents are shocked to find this out and so were we.

So much so that in 2014, Sam Willoughby brought together a Founding Team of children's activities providers and experts to launch the not-for-profit Children's Activities Association to put in place the first independent standards for all children's activities and much more to help parents, schools and nurseries across the UK. 

The whole What's On 4 team play their part in the success of the CAA and we are all very proud to be making a positive difference to so many.

To find out more visit www.childrensactivitiesasssociation.org

Our Non-Executive Directors

Diverse backgrounds - even more lovely people

In 2014 we were delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Dodd as non-executive chairman to join the fast-expanding What's On 4 team. Mike has extensive experience in the financial services industry, specialising in the supplying new technologies to the insurance industry and has a strong marketing background.

In 2016, Debbie Bird joined us. Debbie is a professional editor focusing on lifestyle, health and parenting and has worked within the baby and child industry for more than 2 decades.

And in 2017, we welcomed Toby Stephenson and Mike Peacock of TRS Design Agency to the What's On 4 Board to strengthen and embed our design, technology and innovation skills and experience.


Mike Dodd
Debbie Bird
Toby Stephenson
Mike Peacock


We are so excited to attract experience and skills into our business to expand What's On 4 even further!