Interactive marketing using augmented reality

to reach a new generation of parents

Your print easily connected to your virtual content bringing your marketing to life

The new generation of parents expect to interact with you via their phone as they do everything else so where does this leave your printed leaflets, posters, banners and magazine advertising?

With What's On 4 AR it's easy to make your print advertising interactive and instantly engage with parents, nurseries, schools and franchisees - and in a whole new exciting way using your existing images, web, social, audio and video.

See this in action as What's On 4 AR turns an existing Ruggerbugs leaflet into a new interactive experience.

"Chloe picked up a leaflet in her community centre for a new children's activity that sounds really fun and something her little girl Jessica would love. She sees that the leaflet is interactive so grabs her phone.

Up pops a video of the class in action with lots of kids have a great time and Chloe taps the button to Book a Try Out straight away.  Within minutes Chloe and Jessica are booked in to try the activity next week and she shares this with her Mum friends on Facebook and Instagram too."

Try it yourself

Download Blippar from your app store and try these examples for the full What's On 4 AR experience.

You can use Blippar on the screen images or print them.

We use Blippar and other tools to create your AR experience.

FAQs and Contact Us

We know this is a whole new thing so you will have lots of questions.  Please check out our FAQs or contact us with your questions.

From just £250+VAT

What's On 4 AR packages start from £250+VAT for our Starter Package and you can create this interactive experience for any printed material such as posters, flyers, banners.  You can use content that is general or for a specific promotion or event.